Last hug. Germanwings #4U9525

Last hug. Germanwings #4U9525

Tragic Germanwings flight 4U9525 on 24 March 2015. 150 victims. I was one of the last to see passengers of this flight alive.

Together with them I passed the security checkpoint at Barcelona Airport Terminal 2, Spain. One woman smiled at me, and I smiled back. I also got angry with one sluggish man. I think I even accidentally pushed his luggage on the conveyor belt. Like always, we were all in a hurry.

And still, we carry on hurrying now. We forget to sincerely hug our beloved ones for goodbye.

We don’t know yet, that every hug can be the last.

I got the idea to take this symbolic photo few months later when I traveled again from the same terminal and saw this touching advertisement.

Photo by Ricardas Jarmalavicius. Barcelona Airport Terminal 2, 2015.

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